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Hi, I'm Julia Lee!

Book editor, writer, and aspiring UX writer. With a love of reading, storytelling, and word puzzles, my passion for the written word shows in my career choices and dreams.



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JobPay Onboarding

During the UX Content Collective's course, I was tasked with creating and editing flows for the fictional app JobPay.

Main Goal

Create an onboarding flow for JobPay that would appease both user personas: freelancers and business owners

JobPay Flows

As part of the final project, I was able to take all of my new UX writing knowledge and test it on three separate flows: onboarding, freelancer flow, and business owner flow.

Main Goal

Create copy that was consistent with the style guide I created as well as consistent across all screens and users.

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Editing Projects

My time as an editor has allowed me to work on a variety of books and genres, which has taught me how to adjust my editing approach for the individual and project.

Main Goal

To give authors the best book possible by remaining consistent and well-researched on rules.

Nice to meet you.

I'm looking forward to what the future holds! Use the button below to learn more about me.

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