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Here's a little bit about me...

How I got started 

I have always had a huge passion for words—from the amazing places I would visit in books to the scenarios I would make up on paper or in my head. This led me to pursue a degree in English Literature at Georgia College & State University and then into the world of book publishing. After attending the Columbia Publishing Course in Oxford, England, where I learned all of the ins and outs of publishing in the span of the four-week course, I landed an editor position at a small publishing services company, all the while still enjoying books and reading as my number-one pastime.

What I've been doing

Being an editor has taught me so much about the power of the written word and how to adapt it for different voices, purposes, and projects. I learned to be adaptable with my editing, adjusting it based on author voice, genre, and any exceptions the author wanted to make. I also had hands-on experience with customer service, learning how to connect with authors face to face, on phone calls, and via email. Through this position, I discovered that being an editor is not just about reading and editing, it's a job that requires you to wear many different hats and be as versatile as possible.

What I'm excited about

Through research on future career paths for myself, I discovered UX writing, and my understanding of the power of words became even more complex—and my excitement for my future grew tenfold. I dove into learning everything about UX writing—joining online groups, completing writing challenges, and taking the UX Content Collective's course, the Fundamentals of UX Writing. I cannot wait to see where this path takes me!


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